Transactional Emails

Never miss out on making a
sale with
automated transactional emails.

Maintain vital communication with your customers, in your brand’s voice

Choose what you want to say to your customers in a customizable email with every step of their transaction journey.

Increase revenue with automatic payment reminders

From abandoned cart to payment instruction, set the intervals you wish for your customers to be reminded to fulfill payment.

Give your team control to
resend transactional emails from one dashboard

Avoid confusion by letting your team easily resend emails to ensure your customers are up-to-date with their transaction journey.

Optimize your revenue by quickly providing other payment options when original transactions fail.

If your customers’ original payment fails, rest assured your automatic email will be sent right away with an alternative method to pay.

By sending timely acknowledgements of your customer’s
transactional journey, your business builds trust and
credibility while steadily increasing your customer retention rate.

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